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Jinshanling Section of The Great Wall

Beijing, China

Travel from Beijing to the Jinshanling section of the extraordinary 2000 - year-old Great Wall of China, one of the most spectacular structures ever built by man. The drive takes approximately 2 ½ - 3 hours.

The wall snakes its way from east to west for nearly 4,000 miles. The Great Wall was built and rebuilt by a succession of Chinese emperors to keep out the marauding hordes of nomads who from time to time swept into China - in much the same way as the wind from the Gobi still sweeps in seasonal sand storms which suffocate the city. 

The Jinshanling section is a remote section of the wall with fewer tourists. Enjoy a day spent hiking along the Great Wall and passing local villages.

You can hike for as long as you feel comfortable – typically people spend 1 – 1½ hours hiking the wall. The hike is made up of steps of varying sizes and slopes – the hike is suitable for most people of normal health. 

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