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In Bhutan They Sure Like to Hurl Things Through the Air

Archery is the national sport of Bhutan but there are also a variety of other target based sports that are frequently seen when traveling to Bhutan.

In a country where cultural traditions like dress and craftsmanship are so revered it is also worth noting the pastimes of the Bhutanese people are also rooted in history.

Degor is a sport not unlike horseshoes played in rural America. Spherical stones are thrown at targets fixed to the ground about 20 meters apart. Played in teams, mostly by men, the game has served as a distraction from field work and is complete with chants and songs and overall community building camaraderie.

Other popular games:

Kuru: think of lawn darts played in the 70's...only with massive darts that would be an immediate lawsuit in the USA.

Pundo: Traditional game that involves hurling a stone weighing up to a kilo as far as possible.

Soksom: Another throwing sport using hand carved javelins.

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