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Gibbon Adventure Tour (Rainforest Zipline)

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Transfer to Thailand’s third highest peak where you will spend 3 hours, rigged securely, high up in the rainforest canopy, flying from treehouse to treehouse on ziplines. The flight of the Gibbon Adventure Tour is a unique zip line canopy tour through pristine, 1500 year old rainforest outside of Chiang Mai, Thailand. 18 platforms, sky bridges and lowering stations connect 2km of zip lines that take you through different layers of the rainforest canopy. You zip line easily from tree to tree on a spectacular and gradual downhill course, taking time to linger in your favorite places, soaking up the fragrance, clean air and animal life. Adventure Ecotours safety team accompanies you and teaches you how to move through the trees with the speed and grace of a young gibbon.

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