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Changing Face Show performed by the Sichuan Opera (with VIP seating)

Enjoy a thrilling Changing Face Show performed by the Sichuan Opera (with VIP Seating).

China has an abundance of 1,300 local opera styles, but Sichuan opera is one of the oldest and the most popular in southwestern China. There are three types of face changes. In the Wiping Mask routine, the actor applies cosmetic paint in a certain position on his face. The Blowing Mask routine works with powder cosmetics, such as gold, silver, and ink powders. The most difficult is the Pulling Mask routine. Masks are painted on pieces of damask, well cut, hung with a silk thread, and the lightly pasted to the face one by one.

Face changing, or "bianlian" in Chinese, is an important part of Chinese cultural heritage although only a few masters have grasped this extraordinary skill. As they flourish their arms and twist their heads, their painted masks appear to change in magically quick succession.

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