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Banteay Srei & Santeay Samre

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Visit the captivating Banteay Srei, also known as the Fortress of the Women. Banteay Srei is the birthplace of Khmer classical style architecture. This is a small temple complex with some of the most impressive and intricate carvings in all of Khmer Architecture.

Banteay Samre is one of the most complete sites at Angkor, due to restoration using the method of "anastylosis".The name Samre refers to an ethnic group of mountain people who inhabited the region at the base of Phnom Kulen and were probably related to the Khmers. No inscriptions have been found for this temple, but the style of most of the architecture is of the classic art of the middle period similar to Angkor Wat. The proportions of Banteay Samre are splendid. A unique feature is an interior moat with laterite paving, which when filled with water, must have given an ethereal atmosphere to the temple.

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