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Amazing Akita

Akita, Japan

Situated on the northeast Honshu at four hours by train from Tokyo, Akita prefecture is known for its natural beauty of mountains and sea, hot springs, the country’s best-preserved samurai districts and the origin of Akita breed of dogs. This laid-back pleasant prefectural capital city makes a convenient base to explore its various sites of interest.

Make sure not to miss the must-see’s of Akita:

  • Akita Kanto Matsuri, a summer festival held to pray for a good harvest, where locals carry long bamboo poles with arrays of paper lanterns lit by candles

  • Fairytale-like landscape of Yokote Kamakura Snow Festival held every February, dotted with candle-lit igloo-like structures from where you can enjoy local rice cakes and sweet sake

  • Mother Nature’s brilliant winter art show with the enchanting ‘snow monsters’ on Mount Moriyoshizan, where towering trees take on interesting shapes molded from heavy snowfall and freezing winds

  • Nature hikes including UNESCO World Heritage Shirakami Sanchi, home to the last virgin beech forests of Japan, and Mt. Eboshi and active volcano Komagatake, surrounded by Tazawa Lake, Japan’s deepest lake, where you can cycle and hike by the lakeshore

  • Nyuto Onsen hot spring and its therapeutic properties

  • Famed for its sake breweries and rice farming, try one of Akita’s most famous foods ‘kiritanpo’ which are rice cakes toasted by an open fire or eaten in ‘nabe’ hot pot – a perfect winter dish to fill you and heat you up during the winter

Akita is a unique destination guaranteed to not disappoint, filled with charm and character of authentic old Japan, along with its natural beauty, rich history and friendly locals!

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