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Alwar, among the Rajput principalities, was the closest to Imperial Delhi, and the people of this region were daring adventurers who rebelled against the idea of foreign rulers. The region is rich in early Hindu history dating back to the dawn of Hindu civilization; awash with legend, the epic Mahabharata recounts a tale of the five Pandavas brothers who spent their last years in exile within a few miles of the town over two millennia ago. In the more recent past, the area was dominated by a group of warrior clans, the Rajputs, who controlled this region of India for nearly 1000 years. Raided repeatedly over time by Moghul armies, it was finally conquered in the 17th Century by the Emperor Shah Jahan, the famed builder of the Taj Mahal. Today, a historic and eminent fort guards its highest hill and is an iconic tribute to a regal way of life.

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Jaipur International Airport, Airport Rd, Sanganer, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302017, India

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